Original Himalayan Salt Lamp (XL)

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Himalayan Trading Co. - Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits


➡️ THE ORIGINAL! - The original makers of Himalayan Salt Lamps for 23 years. A family owned US Company that does everything from mining, to distribution. The ONLY seller with original mining certificate from Pakistan.

➡️ BENEFITS - This is our original natural cut salt lamp, which is a long time favorite & bestseller, cant go wrong with this one.

When lit, the lamp radiates a soft warm amber glow, like a campfire. The heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions which traps air pollutants, allergens & dust. This creates a soothing and calming affect which helps you naturally:

  • Sleep better at night
  • Feel less fatigued
  • Reduced headaches
  • Higher levels of relaxation
  • Less congestion
  • & an increased sense of well being
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    ➡️ DETAILS:

    • Package Contents: A beautifully hand-carved salt lamp, UL dimmer switch cord, 15 watt bulb & care guide
    • FAST Shipping: Same day shipping if ordered before noon
    • Weight: 10-12 Lbs (best for a medium to large 10x10 room)
    • Available in Medium & Large sizes
    • Package Deals Available For A Limited Time
    • Want to talk to? Call 833-859-7191 to order

    We provide a no-hassle 30 day warranty, no questions asked!

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