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  • Himalayan Salt Lamp Colors: Pink & Gray Himalayan Salt Lamps.

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    If you’re thinking about buying a Himalayan salt lamp, you might be wondering about the difference between pink and gray salt lamps. Both of these varieties at Himalayan Trading Co. are natural, authentic pieces of the highest quality, made from the same stone; however, there are some differences that you should know about if you want to make sure you buy the right one. These include color, and light intensity. Here’s how to tell the difference between a gray and pink Himalayan salt lamp so that you can choose which one is best for your home or office!

    The most obvious difference between a gray and pink Himalayan salt lamp is their color. Himalayan salt lamp colors come from mineral concentrations inside the salt crystals, particularly iron. Though there are actually more than 80 different trace minerals found in the ancient salt of the Himalayas. Many, but not all pink lamps contain trace amounts of iron oxide, which naturally makes them pink or red. Gray salt lamps, are much rarer, from the Bahadur Khel salt mine in Pakistan. Consequently, they are more expensive than regular salt lamps.


    While many people think that a pink salt lamp simply means it has been dyed in some way, it’s actually a little more complicated than that. As part of their natural processing, salt lamps will develop a pink or red hue. How does that happen? It’s because the crystals from these types of lamps take on trace amounts of iron oxide from deep within your earth.  Iron can result in some very beautiful salt colors (try visiting Utah for yourself), and there have even been reports of multicolored shimmers or bubbles appearing inside certain salt crystals!  But really, why do we love pink Himalayan salt lamps? Because they look good—and offer many benefits. Pink in color therapy is known as a stimulating, warming and passionate color. Its benefits are said to include increasing energy, enhancing motivation and boosting circulation in your body for better health.

    Perhaps you’re looking to add some mood lighting to your home without investing too much time into finding (or making) an entire roomful of candles? adding a pink salt lamp to your space is an easy addition that will subtly perk up any room and put everyone at ease. That is what our best selling original salt lamp is for, grab it while it's on sale!


    While pink himalayan salt lamps usually contain iron, gray ones may have a variety of pigments such as iron oxide, titanium dioxide, and aluminum oxide. Gray salt lamps are extremely rare and have higher iron, sulfur and magnesium mineral content which lends them their darker color and they have a much softer glow than pink or white salt lamps. Although gray Himalayan salt lamps are darker in color, both are beneficial for your health. Gray rock salt lamps, also sometimes called black salt lamps, are best for bedrooms where you don’t want too much light. When placed near a bed these salt lamps can help with relaxation and insomnia. They could even make a beautiful night light in the children’s bedroom. Since gray salt lamps are much rarer than others, be wary of fake gray salt lamps on marketplaces or online stores. As stated on our website, our salt lamps are the only ones that come with certifications of authenticity and our gray salt lamps is a favorite amongst our customers!

    Side note: If your salt lamp never ever sweats, or chips or gets warm to the touch then it is most likely fake but that is another topic you can read about here:


    You’ll find salt lamps in a variety of colors including Gray and Pink (all in different hues). Since you can use them as part of your bedroom décor , it’s important to consider which color is best for your nightstand, dresser or desk lamp. Some colors will add more warmth than others; generally speaking, grays are more neutral-hued than pinks. If you feel you need more energy, positivity and motivation and want a brighter salt lamp, an authentic pink Himalayan salt lamp would make a great choice, particularly in your dining room, home office or living room. For lounge rooms and other places you relax, the soft light of a rare gray salt lamp can be a soothing and restful choice.


    Place your salt lamp on a stable surface. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or any other hot spot, as salt lamps naturally absorb warmth and can melt if left in an area that’s too hot. Never place your lamp directly next to any sort of liquid-like vase of flowers, a candle or even a plant, as water seeping onto your lamp can cause damage.

    Himalayan Trading Co. stands 100% behind every product that we sell. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, give us a call, or e-mail us and we’ll make it right with a replacement, or a refund.
    Now that you're ready to purchase, head on over to our website.
    For 23 years, we have been the go-to company for Himalayan crystal salt worldwide. We are a USA based family owned company that does everything from mining, to manufacturing, importation and distribution. We take fanatical care of our salt, all the way from harvest in the Himalayas, to packaging at our Virginia processing center. From Pakistan to United States, you can feel good about your salt.
    Our salt arrives to your door in its pristine raw and natural form, exactly as it was 250 million years ago. Containing over 84 natural elements essential to your health, whether you use it for cooking, for a relaxing bath soak, or to enhance your home, your body will recognize this salt as a healthy and beneficial force for health and well-being!


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