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  • Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Candle Holders (Pack of 2)



    Rare, unique, hand-carved gray Himalayan salt rock candle holders in a natural cut form. Give a serene ambiance for all occasions in any environment. Our handcrafted Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Candle Holders add an organic touch and soft warm glow to any environment. The soothing glow calms the senses while stimulating concentration, purifying the air, balancing the energy with essential negative ions.

    The salt comes from a rare vein of the Himalayan mountains. The distinctive property of Himalayan salt is its dominant purity and distinctive natural shades of grays. These candle holders are useful in bedrooms, living rooms, offices and kitchens to offset the negative effects of common electronic devices (which give off positive ions). It can also aid in meditation and provide an uplifting charge to the energy of the meditation room, enhancing the overall benefits of your practice.

    • This a Pack of 2 Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Tealight Candle Holders
    • Use with: Tealight or Votive candle (Fits standard size)
    • Note: Tealight Candles (Votive Candles) not included

    • Height: Approx. 7 cm - Weight: ± 1-2 lbs
    • Cleaning: Just wipe with a damp towel or sponge to remove any dust and allow the salt sculpture to air dry. no water should be used with or around the Rare Gray Himalayan Salt Candle Holders .