10 Reasons To Own A Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Trading Company - Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp
Himalayan Salt Trading Company - Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Benefits
  1. The combination of its health benefits and natural beauty make Himalayan salt crystal lamps one of the best purchases that you can make when remodeling your home decor or if you've been feeling a bit stuffy and confined in your own home.
  2. Leaving a natural Himalayan salt lamp on for a prolonged period creates a net change in the room's ionization, pushing back against the positive ionization put out by technological devices.
  3. The light of a natural Himalayan salt lamp can help to lift up your mood and improve the level of concentration, making you easier to concentrate on those important tasks around.
  4. Salt lamps make a great conversational piece on top of setting an intimate mood for gatherings with friends over a glass of wine or bottle of beer.
  5. Multicolor salt lamps can take on an array of colors at your choice or in a slow sequence of shifting colors. Make a shrine to your team illuminated in their colors, create the perfect backdrop for your live stream, or let your kids enjoy the fun of playing with the colors.
  6. With geometric shape salt lamps, there is no type of decor that can't be enhanced with a Himalayan salt crystal lamp, even if you have a dolphin-themed room or want to place a bright home in your miniature Christmas village.
  7. If you have children who are afraid of the dark, a natural Himalayan salt lamp’s light is soft enough to not keep them awake while making a healthier environment to help them grow and flourish.
  8. Basket salt lamps are a camp-side glow that you can stick anywhere in your home without creating a fire hazard.
  9. Large Himalayan salt crystal structures like the lamp absorb moisture from the air through hygroscopy, pulling in the microbes floating along with it.
  10. The light from a natural Himalayan salt lamp is at a frequency that soothes your eyes after hours of staring at a screen or working under fluorescent lights.
Himalayan Trading Co. - Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits Of Salt Lamps

If you’re considering a natural Himalayan salt lamp for your living space, look no further than Himalayan Trading Co. for the best selection and quality on the market. Find a wide range of USB salt lamps, natural salt lamps, decorative salt lamps, salt metal baskets, and more! They’re sure to add the perfect sense of style and calmness to any space!

Because of these many benefits, Himalayan Salt products have recently seen a huge surge in popularity and we are here to meet the demand!

For 23 years, we have been the go-to company for Himalayan crystal salt worldwide. We are a USA based family owned company that does everything from mining, to manufacturing, importation and distribution AND we have just opened up applications for wholesale!

We have a very large selection of Himalayan Salt products wholesale, low minimums and we offset shipping costs with complementary products that you can sell or use as employee incentives.

If you own a specialty retail store, restaurant, boutique shop, doctors/dentist’s office, yoga studio, gift shop, wellness center, or spa your customers are the perfect match for authentic, gorgeous Himalayan Salt products.

Follow the link below to learn more about our wholesale program and fill out your application to receive your salt lamps for the upcoming gift giving holiday season!  https://himalayantradingco.com/blogs/blog/wholesale-himalayan-salt-products-for-your-store


Can you leave a Himalayan Salt Lamp on Overnight?
Can you leave a Himalayan Salt Lamp on Overnight?

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