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  • Raw Himalayan Pink Salt Chunks

    Bag of Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Chunks (3-4 Lbs)

    Himalayan Rick Salt absorbs and neutralizes all negative energies. Its a must have tool for purifying and detoxifying. These natural chunks of Himalayan Pink Salt are perfect for clearing negative or stagnant energies around you.

    There are so many way to use them:

    *Place in any room to cleanse your space
    *They help purify Air.
    *Create a purifying salt bath by placing them into your bath for a few minutes.. (please note they will slowly dissolve in water). dry and store in dry place after use. Placing them in your bath helps draw out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, and helps cleanse the body.

    These Chunks are also food grade and are edible and can be used in a host of cooking needs.